Mystery- Solving Science
This event is no longer on sale.
Saturday February 25
11:00 AM  –  12:00 PM

Your help is needed to solve mysteries at the GRPM on Saturday, February 25th! To do this, you will need to think like a scientist and participate in two hands on experiments.  In this lab, kids will search clues to find out who stole a missing artifact from the Collection, using the hands-on scientific techniques.

Someone has stolen an artifact from the museum collections! The museum staff needs your help to figure out who did it. Luckily the thief left a note at the scene of a crime. You will learn to use a scientific technique called chromatography to determine the thief’s identity.

On top of this crime, there is a salesperson trying to sell their “Magical Copper Cleaning Product” to visitors at the museum for $1,000 a bottle!! We cannot allow this to happen! If we can prove that just a few simple household ingredients will work just as well, we can tell our patrons and save them from getting scammed! This will require you to think like a scientist and experiment to create your own magical concoction.
Cost- $4 per child
Recommended for children 8 and up